Invisible Touch

01. Invisible Touch (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (3:29)

02. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (8:53)

33. Land Of Confusion (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (4:46)

04. In Too Deep (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (4:59)

05. Anything She Does (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (4:09)

06. Domino (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (10:45)

Part One: In the Glow Of The Night

Part Two: The Last Domino

07. Throwing It All Away (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (3:51)

08. The Brazilian (Banks, Collins, Rutherford) (4:49)




Phil Collins – drums, percussion, lead vocals

Tony Banks – keyboards, backing vocals

Mike Rutherford – bass, guitars, backing vocal

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